No, it’s not much to look at…

But we do GREAT work AND our overhead is low! Great work and great prices with a friendly atmosphere are what our customers want…and get. If you are looking for a body shop that will work with you and your insurance company, and provide excellent high-quality work – you need not look any further…

We’ve been serving the community over 25 years – right here at 1025 Cesar E Chavez in Pontiac

We specialize in three areas:

Auto Dealer Repairs for resale – if you’re a dealer and you need a quick turn-around at a fair price, give me a call…I’ve worked with many new car francises in the Detroit Metro Area.

Insurance Repairs for consumers – if you’re an insurance adjuster and want to get accurate estimates, quick response and quality work for your customers, call Skip!

Direct-to-Customer repairs – perhaps you need some work done and aren’t going through an insurance company, call or drop by. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9-5 (but call first)

Give us a call at 248-745-6111 – we’re here to serve you!

Best darn collision repair…EVER!

Have a Claim?

Here’s what to do…

Scenario #1

You had an accident, called your insurance company and they told you to talk to their insurance adjuster who will recommend the best body shops available to you…that’s us!

Scenario #2

You had an accident, called your insurance company and they told you to go out and get an estimate. Or two. Or three. We are happy to give you a FREE estimate and often, your deductible can be absorbed in the cost of the repair!

Give us a call! 248-745-6111

Best darn collision repair…EVER!

Our Process

There’s a lot of TLC that goes into every vehicle we repair…

Our Process…

  • We start with a comprehensive estimate that we will send to your insurance provider or if you are not filing a claim, our pricing is guaranteed
  • We order OEM and aftermarket parts as directed by the insurance company or your authorization and all parts are designated OEM or Aftermarket on the estimate
  • Our body technicians pull and replace the parts and prepare the metal for pre-paint prep
  • Your vehicle is prepped for paint by grinding, sanding and finally wet-sanding so that your paint job will be super smooth
  • We paint your vehicle with OEM or Custom Colors as determined by the estimate.
  • Finally, you will get your vehicle back and love it…again!

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Best darn collision repair…EVER!

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Best darn collision repair…EVER!


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    Best darn collision repair…EVER!